Comprehensive Pregnancy Care

Pregnant Patient at Piedmont OBGYN

A healthy delivery begins long before the labor pains start. Our team at Piedmont OB-GYN will care for you and your baby from prenatal through delivery and post-partum. We monitor your baby’s health and growth, and work with you to develop a labor and delivery plan. When the time comes, one of our board-certified obstetricians will deliver your baby at Piedmont Hospital, which offers the finest in infant care, should your baby need specialized medical treatment. We also offer in-office lactation consulting.

Piedmont Atlanta's Grass Family Women's Center

Our physicians deliver at Piedmont Atlanta's Grass Family Women's Center. The Grass Family Women's Center opened in March 2023 and provides a high-quality patient experience for the entire family is a serene environment that promotes comfort and safety.


When should I schedule my first office visit?

We would like to see you when you are approximately 8 weeks pregnant. At this time, we will confirm your pregnancy with ultrasound and a visit with one of our doctors. This visit will be scheduled anytime between 7 and 11 weeks.

How often will I be seen during my pregnancy?

Patients are seen every 4 weeks between the first trimester and 28 weeks of pregnancy. At 28 weeks, we begin visits every 2 weeks. At 35-36 weeks, we begin weekly visits.

Who will deliver my baby?

During your prenatal care, you will schedule appointments with each of our obstetricians. That way, when you go into labor or are admitted to the hospital, you will already be familiar with the obstetrician on call and she will be familiar with you. We currently have 8 female obstetricians who will take care of you.

How do I know when I am going into labor?

Call our office if you are at or near full term (37 weeks) and are experiencing:

  • strong contractions every five minutes for an hour
  • vaginal bleeding like a light period
  • fluid leakage
  • decreased fetal movements

More answers to your frequently asked questions about pregnancy can be found on our Pregnancy FAQs page.